Joana and André got married two years ago. Everytime they go on holidays, they carry around the bridal dress for a photo shooting in every continent. They are likely to be included in the Guinnes World Record with the most “travellled” w-dress. It is told by the Observador, a portuguese electronic newspaper.
The interview’s text, published on the same platflorm and which we diffuse now here with due care, goes on like this: The first time that Joana and André went on trip together was on 2008, when they were 15 years old. They fell in love during teenaging, even if destiny had cruised they lifes much earlier: both of them used to frequent the same schools in Moimenta da Beira, in the northen district of Viseu. When they got married, in 2016, they couldn’t believe it had passed so fast. That’s why, they decided to carry it on as long as possible: everytime they travelled, they would dress as on their w-day and had a photo shooting. Noi they are the HONEYMOONERS and they are running for the GWR with the most travelled wedding dress.

Joana and André grew up together, explains the farmacist to the Observador: “We used to went on the same school but in different areas, then, when we were at the university, there had been a period during which André moved to Paris“. Nothing, even distance, could weaken their relation: to enhance it, we decided to live some adventures together. The greatest of all, came when Joana Salgueiro graduated: during the last student evening together, André Santos proposed to her. She accepted on 7th May 2015. Precisely one year later they got married.

During that year, they lived intensively the wedding preparations. Even though they were familiar to organising trips by themselves, without asking to any agency, this had been a new challenge: “We were used to do everything together. I usually go shopping not with my friends but with André. And it’s with me that he goes to football“, Joana says to explain how it works in their relationship.

The most difficult degree was the moment when they had to buy their wedding dresses – the one without the other. “I went to Pronovias in Porto to buy the bridal dress with my mother, my sister and my godmother, as tradition requires. I noticed that I couldn’t explain to André how the dress was! I had to ask him to show me some dresses he thought ugly, to be sure that he would appreciate mine“, says Joana laughing.
The task hadn’t been easier for André: Joana bought her dress in January, that means 5 monthes before the marriage. The groom instead bought it at the start of April. He was afraid not to be able to keep the secret to her. “He must wait to buy it because he didn’t know if he really could keep it hidden. He even told me that he couldn’t understand how could I manage so long with that secret” , she remembers.

On the w-day, Joana was relaxed. André hadn’t slept at all and spent all the time nervous. Luckly everything was fine: he liked Joana’s dress, and so she did. Even though during the party, an atmospheric alarm forced all the guests to remain into the salon because of bad weather: “Our friends told us it has been the most amusing mariage at all, they didn’t get bored at all“. There only was a problem: everything happened too fast. One year spent on planning passed in such short time: André told to Joana that they didn’t even have the time to promenade together wearing their wedding dresses, and that he didn’t even have the time to look at her and admire. That’s way they decided to extend their marriage the most they could.

Joana and André didn’t lean on any travelling agency to organize their honeymoon as they were used to adventure: they were so much enthousiastic that, when they get back, they usually organize a meeting with family and friends in order to tell everything about what happened in their adventure. When the couple decided to launch the blog, they started also to use social networks to share their new experience: the were bringing their w-dresses in every country they travelled to make a photoshooting. This project turned out to be so successful that they brought it to the next level: they transform it into a record. When they go to Africa and Oceania, the two missing continents, they will do the count of how many kilometers the dress run. And then they will apply for the Guinness World Record.

The most impressive place they have been till now is India: “Looking a bride in the Taj Mahal can be something rare. It was curious that, beyond cultural, social and religious contexts are really different, all these thing stop to be an obstacle because of the same common denominator which is love“, says Joana. Getting out the building, there were some dozens of people claping their hands. One of them was remarkable: “A man got closer to us and asked if we were already married. Then he asked André to give him an advice: “If you want your woman to treat you like a prince, treat her like a princess“.
There have been other exciting places: Joana and André danced and drove Cadillac in Havana, climbed the iced slopes of Alpes and promenaded in the inhospitable desert of Atacama. This last place is the only one of which André took the photo. Usually the couple make accords with a local photographer which brings them to the destination and guides the photo shooting.
Next destination will be São Tomé e Príncipe, the place chosen by the followers of “Honeymooners” in Instagram. It is the first time that they relegate the decision of the place to their followers.
Joana in pharmacist and André works in the exportation area for his family’s company; both of them are now putting aside for this next adventure. So far, they need mostly to rest: Joana soffers from endometriosis so she had to undergo a treatment on 7th Febraury, so they both need quiet: “It is a disease of which I want to talk about with my followers, because it affects women’s life and can have consequences on wellness and fertility“. Up to now, everything is fine: “All important things in my life happen on the 7th, that’s why everything must be fine also this time“.

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Article translated by Catarina Marques

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