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Style, Theme or Mood?

Three words that immediately enter into the reality of couples approaching the world of marriage organization.

In the age of superinformation and communication, even marriage, in its organizational aspect, has become a conscious choice and a vehicle for sharing tastes, messages and desires.

Today weddings are more elaborate, rich in detail and personalized, from dress code to souvenirs and gifts, the wedding represents the bride and groom in all its aspects and it is their singularity to make it unique in the memory of those who will be present .

These three terms, often considered synonyms, are actually complementary, and essentially different. I propose a very simplified definition, wishing it can be of help both in personal choices and in approaching your suppliers. Here it is:

STYLE: Style is essentially the set of characteristics, forms and aesthetic elements that distinguish an age, an  art work, a school, a trend and even a social behavior or movement. The style, while retaining unchanging common traits, is subject to interpretations derived from the historical moment or the geographical context in which it is applied. Among the most chosen examples for the wedding, we find: Classic, Vintage, Glamor, Modern, Urban, Minimal, Rustic, Shabby-chic, Provencal and Bohemian.

THEME: it is the argument, the subject, the central motif, be it a discourse, a communication, an art work, a reflection and even a decoration. When we talk about weddings the thematic choices are endless. From the timeless themes like the sea or the trips to those who develop personal passions like gastronomy, cinema, photography, sports, art, etc. From the conceptual themes like the four elements, luck, time, colors, ethnic or multicultural. From those who create dreamlike scenarios such as circus, safari, cabaret, or fairy tales, to those that focus on iconic objects such as perfumes, watches, postcards, coins, or nature elements such as butterflies, birds or a flower in particular. The choice is vast and it’s all yours!

One can easily understand the relationship between these two terms. Taking the example of a seaside theme, it can be developed in a classic style, vintage, shabby etc. But of course developing a theme is not essential to marriage and not all themes are appropriate to any style, it takes a minimum of coerence.

Understanding the characteristics of the main styles is an excellent compass to choose the one that best represents your love story. Helping in this fun, creative but full of detail work is a good wedding planner’s job.

And the MOOD? As the term indicates, the mood is the state of mind, the feeling, what your guests will reap in the atmosphere of your marriage. Difficult? No, think of a set of adjectives that you would like to capture and convey during the party, and dare to choose. Some examples: casual or formal, romantic, cheerful, sober, luxurious, sophisticated, elegant, retro, mysterious, aristocratic, delicate, etc.

Each marriage has a mood, whether it is desired or spontaneously, but if you want to create the conditions so that what you want to convey really happens, attention to the oppositions, it is difficult for a rustic wedding to develop a formal or sophisticated mood.

Ready for this adventure or a little worried? In case of doubt, it is always better to opt for a casual wedding that represents you than to choose a marriage in perfect style … from any other person or organization.

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