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Celebrations & Parties

Family celebrations and personal goals, mark the location of each and form memories of life. Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, graduation, anniversaries, retirement, theme parties, they are all opportunities to surround yourself with people that you love leaving everyone with the memory of a special moment, as much special as you are.

We organize events in the respect of the traditions of each religion, with impressive customized rituals that meet your sensitivity and imagination.



It’s a service that deals with the overall organization of the event.

It includes the design and styling, quote and budget management, fulfilment of legal practices and licenses, looking for the suppliers and their coordination and the direction of the event’s day.




It’s a service of the conception and design of the event. It includes design and styling, the estimate of the budget and the looking for suppliers.



It’s a service consisting of the search and selection of suppliers and professionals, aimed to meet the best solutions to the Clients most demanding requirements, from the best prestigious locations to the the most charming animations.



It’s a service that provides the coordination of the event day by a professional, starting from the timing and the list of suppliers chosen by the Clients.



It’s a service that provides the organization of preparatory activities related to the event and a larger involvement of celebrated and guests. It includes from organized visits to suppliers (cellars, farms, location, catering, etc.) to weekend Spa Workshops or photo sessions with the celebrated (not included in Full Service).



It ‘an original gift for lasting memories that traces through a personalized book, prompted by the testimony of relatives and friends, the story, the interests and the adventures of the celebrated, bringing out the details and the most important episodes (not included in Full Service).


Our services are designed and manufactured for any wedding ritual or cult, in an original and personalized way, and they can also be carried out abroad.